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The foundation of ‘Eunoia Global Education & Research Foundation’ has been laid to benefit the lives of children, youth, women, elderly persons, our brave soldiers and their families irrespective of their caste, religion, colour, socio-economic and living standard. The benefit may vary from person to person as per their requirement and situation they are suffering from.

We think that all of us have a solution of each other’s problems but somewhere due to lack of education, awareness, tendency to keep ourselves aloof from the world and lack of sensitivity towards humanity, we make many excuses to get rid of helping others…like I am very busy, sorry I don’t have time…I will do it later…I want to do something for you but I also have problem….and so on.

So we, thought to develop such a platform where:

  • one can listen to others’ problems,
  • all can laugh under one roof,
  • everyone is polite to others,
  • where the remedies for getting out of depression could be suggested without any costly therapies,
  • parents can evaluate their ways of parenting,
  • the serious issues like domestic violence could be discussed,
  • youth can be counseled about their career by experts,
  • cultural events could be organized,
  • children and youth can attain such character and moral values so that they do not hurt anyone for their own attachment, pride, lust or greed,
  • the teenagers and adults can be helped to come out of the suffocation they feel twenty four hours due to the burden of cut throat competition,
  • youth can be made understand the meaning of happy and peaceful life,
  • educational surveys could be done to find out the loopholes in present education system and to suggest remedies,
  • children, youth and women can exhibit their talents,

innovative ideas could be suggested through workshops, campaigns, programmes competitions, social meetings, educational training, skill development programmes etc.