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Initiative would be a part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).

A rural poverty alleviation initiative with an objective of:

  • Addressing aspirations of rural youth
  • Creating a skilled and productive workforce for domestic and global jobs


To empower young people in care to reach their full potential we are actively involving young people in decision making processes by developing their understanding of democratic processes, encouraging active citizenship and engaging them in wider consultations with local authority services and wider organizations.

  1. Workshop to prepare Digitally Empowered Youth
  • Script Writing event
  • Digital Quiz Competition
  • Searching ‘Digital Artists’ Event


  1. Strategies to Develop Skills among YOUTH-A DYNAMIC Workshop
  • Who considers himself/herself a skillful individual?
  • Ice breakers and Energizers – Activities to involve youth actively in the workshop
  • Who is responsible to instill extraordinary skills among youth?


  1. Spiritually Motivated Youth – Need of the Hour
  • Connection of Science with Spirituality
  • Role of Spirituality in our day to day life
  • Spiritual Teachers and Parents
  • Can a 5 yrs child, 15 yrs adolescent be highly spiritual motivated? Know how……..

Formation of Youth Parliament

  • Introduction to Employability;
  • Job search techniques
  • CV writing and layout & preparing covering letters
  • Applying for Apprenticeships an training
  • Interview skills
  • Practice of Yoga for Physical Strength & Mental Peace


  • Cleaning of holy rivers during festivals & Public Areas
  • Potable water management during water scarcity
  • Aware people to manage & clean Public Toilets
  • Work for Vector control during monsoon seasons
  • Food Hygiene & Prohibition of smoking
  • Strategies for cleaning Industries by raising standards, productivity & professionalism