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Population ageing is a global phenomenon. The elderly face a number of problems due to the absence of an assured and sufficient income to support themselves for their healthcare and other social securities. Loss of a social role and recognition, and non-availability of opportunities for creative and effective use of free time are also becoming a matter of great concern for the elderly persons.

Almost 15 million elderly Indians live all alone and close to three-fourths of them are women. A large number of old age Indians are force to live in old age homes.

Our foundation trying to help such people who need to have a shelter, nutrition and care in such an age of being unable to do anything for themselves. To help needy aged (any person of either sex above 60 years), irrespective of caste or creed

For the above purpose and or in pursuance thereof to undertake, execute, support and assist any programme(s) or project(s) with no profit motive designed, to provide –

  • Food, shelter and clothing for needy aged
  • Medical care and other activities like Yoga and physical exercises to improve the health of them.
  • Educational & recreational facilities to the aged and provide facilities for them to lead a religious & meditative life.
  • To Establish OLD AGE HOME & HAPPINESS CENTER to remove their loneliness.
  • To organize Cultural Programmes for Grandparents & Grandchildren

To organize Hasya Kavi Sammelan.